Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Functions and Objectives

As stipulated in Section 2 of the MJA Regulation, the main function of the Academy is to take all responsibility in conducting continuing judicial education and legal training programs for its target audiences; namely, judges of the Maldives, members of the Maldives Bar, and the staff of the Courts and other institutions of the Maldives Judiciary (See 3.5). As such, the Academy shall conduct orientation and induction programs, and provide in-service training to judges and staff of the Maldives Judiciary, and also conduct orientation for newly admitted members of the Bar and provide additional training opportunities for lawyers.

Under Sections 6 and 11 of the MJA Regulation, and in accord with other relevant provisions and the overall stipulations of the Regulation, the Academy would:

a. Conduct various types of continuing education and legal training courses and programs (see 3.2);
b. Publish journals, research papers, special reports, and other forms academic works on legal and judicial issues and topics (see 3.9); and
c. Provide the staff of the Judiciary with higher education opportunities—this includes sponsoring prospective or current students of higher education programs under agreements of service bond, in accordance with the requirements of the Judiciary TNA.
d. Work in cooperation with the law schools of the Maldives and provide them with necessary assistance and guidance, in order to enhance legal and judicial education in the Maldives;
a. Work with national and international academic bodies and institutions in conducting legal and judicial research, with the view to develop the legal profession and the Judiciary.

On the basis of the above functions, the Academy would work to achieve some key objectives:

a. Promoting legal and judicial knowledge in the Maldives, helping to strengthen local institutions of legal education, and taking necessary measures to help judges, members of the Maldives Bar, and staff of the Maldives Judiciary achieve academic excellence;
b. Enhancing legal and judicial knowledge, academic capacity, and professional skills of judges, members of the Maldives Bar, and staff of the Maldives Judiciary;
c. Forging and strengthening ties with Judicial Academies and similar institutions in other countries and operating at international level, and working in cooperation and collaboration with those institutions to conduct judicial and legal training and research.




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