Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Vision and Mission

The Vision and Mission of the Maldives Judicial Academy are set out on the basis of its functions, and on account of the objectives set out for it under the MJA Regulation in various articles.

As an institution created to enhance the academic capacity of the Maldives Judiciary and the Maldives Bar, the Academy takes upon itself to conduct all its operations, activities and programs in accord with its Vision and Mission. Our programs would be designed and conducted in such a way as to enhance the legal and judicial knowledge and skills of the participants—that would be our contribution in the Maldives Judiciary’s work in upholding the rule of law and dissemination of justice in accord with the doctrines and principles set out by the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives, our laws, and best practices adopted and upheld by modern justice systems throughout the world.

The executive, middle-management, and support staff of the Academy shall work as a united team in order to realize the Vision of the Academy and to perform its Mission with full devotion and commitment.




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