Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Divisions and Their Tasks

Following are the key tasks assigned to each of the Divisions of the Maldives Judicial Academy.

Corporate Services Division

1. Carrying out the task of strategic planning at the Academy, setting out the annual activity calendar, and executing the works related to these, including formulation, implementation, and evaluation;

2. Setting out Standard Operating Procedures related to administration of the Academy and keeping them revised and updated from time to time;

3. Academy Administration of the affairs of the Reception Counter at the Academy, welcoming and providing services to those who visit the Academy for various purposes, managing the Entry, and managing and keeping a full record of all the money, negotiable instruments and other things received and dispatched by the Academy;

4. Writing/compiling and safekeeping the Daily Records and Minutes and Annual Reports of the Academy and sharing these with those whom the law and regulations require them to be shared, under the guidance of the Chancellor;

5. Providing secretarial services to the Chancellor, maintaining his office, and providing him with all the administrative support as per his instructions;

6. Managing the human resource affairs of the Academy, including staff welfare schemes and programs, and staff complaint management, and participating the staff of the Academy in various human resource development and training programs planned and conducted by the Programs and Publications Division for the staff of the Judiciary;

7. Managing the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Systems of the Academy including such tasks as determining which equipment, accessories and ICT hardware and resources are necessary for the staff and for the Academy and procuring them through the General Services Division, establishing the ICT Network, providing ICT support services, maintaining the smart equipment system in classrooms, designing and maintaining the My Desktop Service, and designing and maintaining the electronic mail system of the Academy;

8. Managing the budget and accounts of the Academy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in force, and reporting the accounts as per the requirements of the law, and arranging for the Internal Audit Unit at the DJA to conduct periodic audit of the Academy as required by the law;

9. Maintaining and updating the website of the Academy and coordinating media relations;

10. Creating awareness among the public about the programs and activities of the Academy and managing the announcements of the Academy.

General Services Division

1. Providing other divisions with all necessary assistance whenever such assistance is needed, including the management of large-scale printing assignments for any Division, preparation of venues for programs and activities of the Academy, and managing refreshment at programs and activities of the Academy;

2. Managing the Procurement of the Academy; managing the Stock and Inventory of the Academy; and managing the Archives of the Academy in accordance with the policies set out by the Academy;

3. Managing the Academy Hostel, arranging for security at the Hostel, providing its services and keeping Hostel Records, and managing hostel facilities including the convenience store and sports centers;

4. Managing common areas and facilities at the Academy Office, including the staff tearoom, lounges, corridors, and garden areas;

5. Managing the disposal of worn out equipment and furniture; 6. Arranging for the Security and Maintenance, including fire safety systems, and providing Housekeeping Services at the Academy Office Building.

 Programs and Publications Division

1. Preparing and continuous updating of the Training Needs Assessment of the Maldives Judiciary, the MJA Training Methodology, and the Program Catalogue and other such instruments;

2. Preparing and maintaining the MJA Profile Database including necessary information about judges, members of the Maldives Bar, and the staff of the Judiciary for purposes of planning training programs and selecting participants;

 3. Preparing an Annual Program Plan every year, and conducting programs of continuing education and legal training in accordance with the schedule given in this Calendar;

4. Designing Academy programs, preparing and updating curricula, conducting those programs, and managing Trainee Services and Records ;

5. Providing opportunities of continuing judicial education and legal training for the Target Groups in accord with the Guidelines on Admission to Academy Programs (GAAP);

6. Adopting partnership policies and working with partner agencies and institutions in accordance with those policies in conducting training programs and activities of the Academy, when programs and activities need to be conducted under such partnership arrangements;

7. Arranging for judges, members of the Bar, and the staff of the Judiciary to participate in continuing judicial education and legal training abroad;

8. Managing the affairs of experts who work as consultants and lecturers at the programs and activities conducted by the Academy as per relevant Practice Directions and Guidelines, and providing administrative support for them in conducting sessions and classes;

9. Managing the works of translating legislations, court judgments, and other legal documents for the purposes of the Academy as per the requests of the Divisions;

10. Establishing close ties of cooperation and mutual assistance with international judicial academies, and judicial academies in friendly countries and arranging for Judges, members of the Bar, and the staff of the Judiciary to participate in programs conducted at and by these academies;

11. Establishing close ties of cooperation with the UNDP and various international organizations, and securing financial and technical support from them in conducting programs of continuing judicial education and legal training;

12. Preparing and maintaining a Training Records Database which includes all the necessary information on programs and activities of continuing judicial education and legal training conducted by the Academy and also information on the participants;

13. Preparing Special Reports, making recommendations for development and reform of the Judiciary on the basis of discussions and findings of the various programs conducted by the Academy and sharing them with the Justices’ Council at the Supreme Court;

14. Publishing the MJA Journal; 15. Developing and maintaining the Maldives Judicial Library and providing its services; 16. Administering all the affairs of contracts and memoranda of understanding signed by the Academy and also acting as their depositary, and advising the Academy on how to take action or respond in legal disputes.


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