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The Staff

The Academy shall start functioning with a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) for the period from 2017-2019. This three-year SAP would outline key areas of developmental goals for the Academy for any given period, and will aim at enhancing the institutional capacity of the Academy and at conducting its programs and activities at the highest level of excellence. The Academy’s SAP would include a situation analysis, strategic issues and objectives, a Strategic Action Plan Implementation Matrix, together with a detailed statement on implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the SAP framework.

An Annual Activity Calendar (AAC) shall be prepared for each year, in which annual targets to be achieved in order to implement the three-year SAP would be defined. The AAC would detail activities of the Academy for the year. This plan would focus on development of administration and human resource management of the Academy, enhancement of general administration, development of the Academy’s capacity in conducting programs and publications, developing the Judicial Library, etc. The AAC would not detail the various programs of continuing judicial education and legal training, as these would be set out in the Annual Program Plan (see 3.6).

Our target is to prepare the first SAP by mid-June 2016, and prepare the AAC for this year by mid-June as well. These plans shall be submitted to the Advisory Council for approval as soon as they are prepared.

During the normal course of action, the SAP would be prepared for three years, and then renewed again for the same period. It would be finalized by the Academy and submitted for approval to the Advisory Council at least 60 days before the beginning of the target period.

The AAC for the New Year would be prepared by the Academy during October of the ending year,

Apart from the executive staff aforementioned, the Academy needs at least 15 middle management and support staff. Details are given in Appendix 2.

For the Academy to work with efficiency and effectiveness, it needs qualified staff, recruited under its own initiative, instead of using transferred staff from the Department of Judicial Administration or various courts. A dedicated team of staff which belongs to the Academy is needed, as the Academy cannot rely on the Department of Judicial Administration for corporate and general administrative services or to carry out the many time-sensitive tasks in conducting its programs.




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