Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Office Building, Web Presence and IT Facilities

The Academy shall start its operations at the Maldives Judicial Academy building in Vilimalé. The building is designed with office space, classrooms, meeting rooms and halls, and accommodation blocks. As such, it is meets minimum requirements of the Academy.

However, it has to be noted that the said building is currently being used as office space for the Judiciary Archive under the Department of Judicial Administration as well. There are concerns about the condition of the building: thousands of files, weighing many tons, are currently located on the fourth and fifth floors of the building, and whether the building has the strength to permanently bear such a weight has not been verified by engineers. The building appears to be rapidly wearing down, with cracks starting to appear on almost every wall. This issue needs urgent attention, so as to avoid a tragic accident which may even endanger lives of the staff who work in the floors below.

Another issue is that of access: the only way to reach the current Office Building from Malé or Hulhumalé is via sea transport. Vilimalé being a village-island connected to Malé and Hulhumalé only via boats, it may be difficult for staff, participants of programs, trainers and lecturers, and visitors in travelling to and from the Academy. Furthermore, it must also be noted that the current design of the building is not ideal for an institution such as the Academy.

For the said reasons, it is our proposition that a new and more suitable office building for the Academy should be built soon, in Malé or Hulhumalé. This office building shall not be just an edifice of great aesthetic beauty – a landmark of architecture in a garden – but a place offering all that resident trainees and all visitors would need to make their experience unforgettable.

In the new Office Building, there will be an Administrative Block with office space and facilities for the staff; an Academic Block with facilities such as state-of-the-art smart classrooms and lecture halls, auditoriums and conference halls, computer labs, a mock trial courtroom, and a staffroom; and a Hostel Block with single and double rooms of varying service quality, lounges, and other facilities such as a sports center, a gym, a convenient store, a canteen, etc.

The Academy shall have a website which would provide necessary information to local and international stakeholders, as well as to the members of target groups. Selected publications would be available to the general public for download on the website, while various services would be provided for trainees and students registered for Academy programs and activities such as registration, schedule information, etc.

Providing the staff of the Academy, its Faculty Members, Resource Trainers, Lecturers and Consultants, and Trainees and Students with the benefits of latest information and communications technology would be a key priority for the Academy. As mentioned above, the Academy would have smart classrooms, equipped with facilities such as computer, internet access and Wi-Fi service, multimedia player and sound system, LCD projector and screen, dry erase board and flip chart, smart board, and document camera.

In addition, each hostel room, the Library, and the Computer Lab would be provided with the Academy’s own MJA My Desktop (see Appendix 4) facility, which offers a wide-range of ICT services and conveniences for the resident trainees and resource Lecturers and Trainers. Besides, our computer labs would be equipped with the latest ICT facilities.




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