Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Trainers, Lecturers and Panelists

Section 5 of the MJA Regulation stipulates that the Academy shall have qualified and specialized experts as Trainers. Those employed under this section shall be collectively known as the MJA Faculty, and would be managed by the Programs and Publications Division of the Academy. Faculty Members shall work as Trainer Lecturers or Panelists in the programs of the Academy.

However, budgetary limitations do not allow the Academy to have Faculty Members at present, and as the relevant Section in MJA Regulation does not necessitate immediate employment of Trainers and Lecturers in order for the Academy to begin its operations, it is suggested that hiring Faculty Members should be a step of development for a later period.

The plan for now is to use resource experts. Such experts shall be chosen from among experienced and retired justices, senior lawyers, or international consultants with proven didactical skills. They would be employed and remunerated as per contractual arrangements of service for the duration of the training programs.

The Academy would employ local and foreign experts for a number of purposes: to get advice on how to develop the Academy as an institution, for the development of curricula, to be used as Trainer Lecturers and Panelists in the programs conducted by the Academy, as researchers in research studies conducted by the Academy, and as experts advising on the development of academic journals and publications issued by the Academy.




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