Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Target Groups and Admission

Under Section 2 of the MJA Regulation, the programs and activities of continuing judicial education, legal training, higher education, and research conducted by the Academy shall be targeted at three different groups. They are as follows:

a. Judges of the Courts of the Maldives;

b. Members of the Maldives Bar;

c. Legal and Administrative/Technical Staff of the Maldives Judiciary.

In addition to these groups, the Academy may, under guidance from the Advisory Council, invite stakeholders in the Justice Sector to participate in its programs and activities. Its programs for public awareness can be targeted at any group of persons, as per the guidelines set out by the Advisory Council. Also, sponsorship programs may be conducted in accordance with general practice, and training, in topics within the ambit of the Academy’s training areas could be provided to any persons upon request by an agency of the Government. Also, training would be provided to any persons upon request by the Department of Judicial Administration.

Selection of participants and students for Academy programs would be conducted in accordance with a written set of guidelines – Guidelines on Admission to Academy Programs – and would be done in a fair and reasonable way.


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