Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Annual Program Plan

The Annual Program Plan (APP) is a Plan briefing all the programs and activities of continuing judicial education and legal training to be conducted by the Academy during any given year.

APP for each year ahead would be prepared before the end of June, during the ongoing year. The APP, with overview of the contents and curriculum of each program, would then be submitted to the Advisory Council, as per the requirements of Section 6 of the MJA Regulation, for approval. Detailed modules on the programs would be prepared after the Advisory Council approves the APP.

The Academy shall consult with the Chief Magistrates and Chief Judges of courts and the Department of Judicial Administration in preparing the APP, and shall work out the APP in such a way as to address the needs of the judiciary as identified by and through the TNA.

The APP may be changed to add new programs, and programs included in it may be canceled due to changes in circumstance, if it becomes necessary to do so during the course of the year. However, such changes shall be made in consultation with the Advisory Council.




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