Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

MJA Profile Database and the Training Records Database

Section 7 of the MJA Regulation stipulates a number of factors to be considered in giving training or educational opportunities to a judge, a member of the Bar, or a staff of the Judiciary. In order to make this possible, and in order to ensure that opportunities are given fairly and on a reasonable basis, the Academy needs some key information about judges, lawyers, and judiciary staff.

The said information include personal details, details of educational qualification, details of employment at the Judiciary or membership at the Bar, details of previous programs of professional training and continuous education.

Also, the Academy needs to keep a comprehensive record of its programs and activities, as well as of those who participate in them. These records would be used in giving opportunities in the future, and also in giving promotions to the staff, as per the requirements of Section 8 of the MJA Regulation.

For the said purposes, the Academy shall keep two continuously updated databases of information: MJA Profile Database which holds personal profiles and information on educational and professional qualification and trainings participated by judges, lawyers and the staff of the Judiciary, and the Training Records Database, which would include necessary details about the programs conducted by the Academy and those who participate in them.

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