Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration


The major function and overriding objective of the Maldives Judicial Academy is to conduct programs of continuing judicial education and legal training for Judges, the Maldives Bar, and the staff of the Maldives Judiciary.

The Academy shall also work in cooperation with the law schools of the Maldives and provide them with necessary assistance and guidance in order to enhance the system of legal and judicial education in the Maldives, and will work with national and international academic bodies and institutions in conducting legal and judicial research with the view to develop the legal system and the Judiciary.

The above mentioned functions of the Academy shall be executed through its Programs and Publications Division, which is to run under the Vice Chancellor when the Academy functions at full capacity. At the beginning, however, we have adopted a minimum-staff policy, meaning that we would not have a Vice Chancellor for the time being. Until a Vice Chancellor is appointed, this Division shall be administered by the Chancellor himself.




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