Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration


The Maldives Judicial Academy is a functionally autonomous and separate institution within the Maldives Judiciary and under the Supreme Court of the Maldives, with its own organizational set up and staff, budget, and office.

The Academy was created by the Justices’ Council of the Supreme Court on 16th Dhul Qacidah 1436, corresponding to 31st August 2015. On the same date, the Justices’ Council also passed the Regulation on Administering the Maldives Judicial Academy 2015 (MJA Regulation), which stipulates in Section 12 that it would come into force on the 01st of December 2015.

The Academy shall run in accordance with the MJA Regulation and other relevant laws and regulations, including the laws and regulations on public finance, the rules regulating the staff affairs of the Judiciary, etc.




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