Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Training Needs Assessment

As is established, training programs for the Judiciary must be designed, for them to be effective, on a thoroughly prepared Training Needs Assessment. Therefore, one of the most important priorities of the Academy is to do such a comprehensive Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the Maldives Judiciary, and keep it updated.

The TNA would be done through questionnaires and surveys in which all the judges and staff of the Judiciary shall take part, and through other methods which similar Academies in other jurisdictions use.

We shall do the TNA from both subjective and objective perspectives. TNA from a subjective perspective would include asking judges and staff about the training that they feel they need, while from the objective perspective we would take into consideration such factors as the educational background of the staff, the job she/he is in, the work involved in the job, previous training received by the staff, noted professional weaknesses and strengths of the staff, and then decide what kind of training the staff needs to enhance her/his capacity and performance.

One of the aims of the first TNA is to identify trainable and non-trainable judges and staff of the Judiciary. A special report on the issue would be prepared and submitted to the Advisory Council, with advice on how to handle the issue.

One of the key factors to be considered in selecting and/or prioritizing judges and staff of the Judiciary for training opportunities at any given time would be the TNA. However, other factors shall also be considered, as the said opportunities shall be given on a fair basis, with a reasonable and transparent process of selection, without arbitrariness.

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