Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Why Participate in MJA Programs?

The newly established Maldives Judicial Academy would be an invaluable platform for Judges, Lawyers and the Staff of the Maldives Judiciary. Following are the key reasons why you, as a judge, or a lawyer, or a Judiciary staff, should consider participating in our programs.

1. Instructors and Lecturers at our programs would be highly experienced and intellectually capable experts, with a high level of didactic skills, meaning that you can learn a lot from them, and our programs would be an indispensable platform for knowledge and enhancement of your professional capacity;

2. Our programs would be designed on the basis of a thorough assessment of training needs, and as such, they would help you immensely to improve the quality of your work and output at your job;

3. MJA programs are not just academic platforms where learned experts impart information and knowledge; they are designed to include fun activities and socializing among the participants—with us, you would widen the scope of your social relations;

4. As the MJA Regulation and Rules Regulating the Staff of the Judiciary stipulate, participation in MJA programs is a factor to be considered in giving promotions to the staff of the Judiciary.




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