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Message From the Chief Justice

Message from the Chief Justice

I take this opportunity to welcome all the participants of the Judicial Symposium on Child Rights and the Juvenile Justice System, held as an event in the Annual Judicial Conference 2017. It is also a pleasure for me to wish you all the best and to express my hope that this event will be a success. I recall that we conducted the Colloquium on Human Trafficking last year, during the Annual Judicial Conference, which was a great experience for all who participated.

I believe that it is high time we conduct such a program, with the aim to enhance access to justice and the delivery of quality justice in cases of juvenile crime and crimes violating the rights of children. The Maldivian Judiciary took a landmark step in the development of a juvenile justice system, with the introduction of the Juvenile Court by Maldives Courts Act 2010. Since then, we have taken strides in the right direction; and our target is to continue the process of development with utmost commitment.

It is on the basis of that policy that the Supreme Court of the Maldives established the Maldives Judicial Academy in 2015, with the aim of providing a mechanism for continuing judicial education and best-quality on-the-job training to judges and judicial officers. The current event is one of the fist major events being organized by the institution, and we have plans for many more in the future.

The Judicial Symposium on Child Rights and the Juvenile Justice System has been organized by the Academy in collaboration with the Juvenile Court and UNICEF. The UNICEF, I note with heartfelt appreciation, has provided financial support for the program, and it is great pleasure for me to convey my gratitude to His Excellency Mr. Mohamed El Munir Ahmed Safieldin Mohamed Ahmed, the UNICEF Representative in the Maldives.

Before concluding, I would like to thank those who have worked hard to make plans and preparations for this very important event. I also request all the participants, who are representing the courts as well as relevant executive and independent agencies of the government, to use this opportunity well, to take it as a great platform for sharing knowledge and increasing understanding of the rules and principles governing issues of child rights and the juvenile justice system, and to contribute to the discussions held in the Symposium in a fruitful way.

Abdullah Saeed
Chief Justice of the Maldives

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