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The Maldives Judicial Academy has worked in collaboration with Juvenile Court and UNICEF Maldives to conduct the Judicial Symposium on Child Rights and the Juvenile Justice system. While the Juvenile Court has partnered with the Academy in making administrative arrangements and on legal technical tasks, UNICEF has not only contributed a large portion of the costs for the program, but has actively involved in the Program Organizing Committee as well.

The Juvenile Court
The Juvenile Court was established under section 9 of Law No. 9/91 (Law on Protection of Child Rights 1991) on 1st August 1997, to address the underlying need of having a special court to adjudicate in cas-es of offences committed by minors. Law No. 22/2010 (Maldives Courts Act 2010) recreated the Court as a Superior Subordinate Court, and defined its jurisdiction as it currently stands.

As per schedule 4 of the Maldives Courts Act 2010, it is within the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court to adjudicate in cases of offences committed by minors, to conduct detention hearings of minors, to issue orders in relation to the investigation of offences committed by minors.

VISION of the Juvenile Court is to provide smooth and equal access to justice and, provide effective and efficient services and, seek to achieve an environment that encourages rehabilitation of juvenile offenders, and take necessary steps, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, towards assisting reformed juvenile offenders reintegrate back into society.

MISSION of the Juvenile Court is completing cases of offences committed by juvenile offenders in an efficient, speedy, trustworthy, just and transparent manner in accordance with the constitution and the laws and; to rehabilitate and reintegrate juvenile offenders back into society


The United Nations Children’s Fund, or the UNICEF, was originally launched in 1946 as an effort to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in countries that had been devastated by World War II.

With changes to its mandate and organization at various times during the following years, UNICEF currently works as a UN Agency addressing the needs of children and women on a global scale. Its works are carried out in 190 countries of the world, and it has a long and proud history of more than 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families everywhere.

UNICEF Maldives sub-office was opened on 01st May 1978, and since then, UNICEF has been a key partner in the efforts to protect children and their rights in the Maldives. That includes not only funding for key government projects, but also providing crucial technical support to various kinds of programs.

The world has changed, but children’s needs have not. See how UNICEF’s commitment to children remains as strong as ever despite the complexities of our world.

All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.

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