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Session 2 - AGO Paper-Government Reform Proposals

Session 3 - Marriage Registration Issues (Family Court)

Session 4 - Mediation (Family Court)

Session 5 - Divorce (Family Court)

Session 6 - Kharadhu (Family Legal Clinic)

Session 7 - Challenges to Family Justice Rethinking the Underlying Logic of Ill-practices (Dr. Munir Safieldin)

Session 8 - Custody (Family Court)

Session 10 - Domestic Violence (Family Legal Clinic)

Session 11 - Children and Elderly Persons under State care and Fostering (AGO & Gender)

Session 14 - Protection of Child Rights within the Family Justice System (Ministry of Gender,FSS)

Session 15  -Role of Civil Society in Family Justice System (ARC & Hope for Women)

Session 16 -Lack of Responsibility in the Family and its Impact on Children (ARC & SHE)

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