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Welcome Letter
On behalf of the Judicial Academy, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Judicial Symposium on Family Justice held at Bandos Maldives from 27-30 September 2019.
The Judicial Symposium on Family Justice is the premier forum in Maldives to present and discuss the progress achieved by various sectors of the family justice system, with the aim of identifying and strengthening areas in need of reform. The symposium will offer keynote lectures from international experts and paper presentation sessions from local stakeholders on a variety of topics including Marriage, Divorce, Custody and Domestic Violence.
We thank our partner and sponsor UNICEF Maldives, and the Family Court of Maldives who worked under the guidance of the Technical Committee to organize this event. We are incredibly grateful to our generous sponsor for their support.
We encourage you to make the most of this invaluable opportunity and share your knowledge and experience to help us create a better family justice system for all. We hope that you stay engaged and look forward to an exciting symposium that promises great debate. Thank you for your participation and enjoy your stay at Bandos!

Dr. Abdulla Nazeer Judicial Administrator

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