Judicial Academy

Department of Judicial Administration

Session 3

This paper will look at the existing mechanisms in Maldives on marriage registration, marriage records system, the challenges faced on the aforementioned, the differences between procedures on marriage registration used in Malé and in Atolls. It also aims to identify how the existing procedures can be strengthened.

The first section of this paper will analyze marriages solemnized in Maldives, marriages of Maldivians solemnized abroad, cases of Maldivians marrying foreigners, child marriages, marriage licenses and issuance of marriage certificates. It will be based on empirical research, Act Number 4/2000 (Family Act), Family Regulation, Marriage and Divorce Registration Regulation and other related legislation.

The second section of the paper will consider the awareness programme on marriage that must be completed before getting married. It will examine the modules taught in the programme, and propose to make it mandatory for all persons to complete the programme before they get married. The existing rules on marriages of thalassaemia patients will also be examined to suggest legislative changes to control such marriages.

The third section of the paper will propose to create a centralized marriage and divorce registry after highlighting the existing mechanisms used in marriage, registration, maintenance of marriage and divorce records and checking whether this is implemented as per the rules in the relevant Acts. The paper will conclude by summarizing the suggestions on how the system can be reformed.

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